Who will make the best movie about Osama bin Laden’s death?

You will!
…when you read Osama’s Nuts and create the movie in your mind. If you think bin Laden got off too lightly, if you prefer a universe where karma really works, if you think Sacha Baron Cohen should have chosen a better screenplay before making The Dictator, then Osama’s Nuts is for you.
A fanciful re-imagining of bin Laden’s final years, written with Sacha Baron Cohen in mind for the title role, Osama’s Nuts dumps bin Laden into an alternate universe where God has a sense of humor — and justice.
What happens when the world’s most misogynistic, homophobic, narcissistic bully explores his feminine side? What’s the real reason we haven’t seen photos of bin Laden’s body after the Abbottabad raid? Here’s your chance to find out!